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Our vineyard is located 15 kilometers south of Nimes in the town of Manduel in the heart of the Protected Designation of Origin Costières de Nîmes. Its main characteristic is its soil made of “gress”, pebbles rolled by the various floods of the Rhone in the Quaternary era. It allows the vine to set up in the best possible conditions. It is thanks to this filter soil that the roots manage to draw very deeply the water essential for their growth.

The vine also benefits from the Mediterranean sunshine which allows the grapes to ripen perfectly and to be picked up very early. The average age of the vineyard is of the order of 25 years. It is mainly composed of Syrah and Grenache grapes for reds and rosОs and Grenache blanc and Roussanes for whites, characteristic of the great vineyards of the Rhone Valley.

The Château de Campuget is now present on the most beautiful starred tables in the world, and succeeds in the bet of a family history: to seduce the most delicate palates…


The Castle of Campuget is above all the adventure of a family from the North came to settle during the war not far from the Mediterranean… in Costières de Nîmes.

Since 1942 a single goal has driven us to produce Great Wines from the Rhône Valley while respecting our terroir and our identity. The rolled pebbles of the Rhône, the southern sun, the Mistral, the Syrah, the Grenache are some fundamental elements that make up Campuget’s identity.

Our professional ethic is simple: to constantly improve the quality of our wines by a better knowledge of our terroir and our vines: yes everything comes from the vine… Passionate about quality, we elaborate our blends, our cuvées, our wines while thinking always to the pleasure they will have to provide and to the emotion that they will have to arouse.

So with all the Campuget team we wish you a beautiful discovery of our wines and many emotions…

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